Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blondes, Light bulbs, and Holmenkollen

Well, long time, no update. I cannot blame it on lack of time. Time is something I have more than enough of, in this time where my only job is looking for a real job… Having nothing to do is so overrated. And it seems that the more free time you have, the less you get done. And so there hasn’t been that much to write about, I guess. Let’s blame it on that. It’s always good to have something to blame.

At least I have started getting to some job-interviews. Not exactly a situation I enjoy, and sitting there answering tricky questions does not exactly work wonders on the self esteem, but at least it is a step closer to a job. Hopefully one of the interviews I have already had will pay off, so I don’t have to go to so many more… Other than that I haven’t made too many accomplishments lately. I have, however, contributed to a little myth-busting about blond-jokes; and can proudly report that it does not take more than one blond to change a light bulb! Now I have another, and a lot more complicated, house-fixing project in mind. But with my old track record of DIY-projects (especially the “flatpakke”-bed I tried to put together in Tromsø...) I am not quite sure how it will work out… Will keep you posted though!

Tomorrow I am going to Holmenkollen to see the last ski-jumping world cup competition in the old hill there, and I am really excited about it. Ski-jumping-nerd that I am (*blush*), going to a ski-jumping competition is going to be fun in itself, but I have heard wonderful things about the atmosphere in Kollen (Norwegians take great pride in it!), so it will be fun just to be there to experience that also. Let’s just hope that the traditional Kollen-fog and rain will stay away this year! We are ready with hot chocolate, hot dogs, and Norwegian flags – Heia Norge!