Monday, March 27, 2006

Flatpakker er Ikke Helt som Alle Andre Pakker


Good news: My new bed arrived from IKEA, and I no longer have to sleep on the floor

Bad news: It arrived in the form of a “flatpakke”; in other words IKEA assumes that I will be able to put this thing togehter all by myself, only with the “help” from their so-called directions in form of a 8 page long pamphlet with drawings of smiley people guiding me through the bed-building process step-by-step, picture by picture.

Uhm. Well. With my practical skills and my limited faith in this much-to-be-desired pamphlet, the result turned out to look anything but what page 8 suggested. And sure enough, the bed ended up crocket, with one side like 10 cm longer than the other. And of the 11 screws provided by IKEA, 8 are happily unused and along with 16 of the 24 wood-nails still sitting in the plastic bag they arrived in. Luckily, this is a very low bed, so if my masterpiece falls apart, the fall won’t be too dramatic. Well, take a look for youtself..

However, various interior decorating shows at BBC has taught me that the “finishing touches” makes all the differece in the world.. Hence (my favorite word in these exam times..):

Well, I guess even the finishing touches can’t cure everything..

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Favorite Time of Year

I love winter.

Not exactly Tromsø-winter, with slippery roads and more rain than snow. No, not that kind of winter. But winter with lots of snow, a few degrees below zero, and nice, bright sunshine. Exactly like it has been for a couple of weeks.

I don’t know why I like this time of year so much. It might be that coming from a cold place like Os, I can handle the cold a lot better than warm weather. Or it could be that the snow makes everything so nice and bright. Or, I have to admit, it could be because it is the season of ski sports.

Actually, I am a little sad today, because I realized that the ski sport season is coming to an end. Most sports had their last world cup competition this week-end, and they won’t start again till late November. That’s an awful long time to wait!

But I think it might be a mix of all the above mentioned possible reasons that makes me love winter so much. So sitting here sick of stress-reading for thesis and exams, I have come up with a plan! After I am done with my master degree next year, I am taking my long-planned and needed year off, and moving to winter-wonder-land!

You'll find me somewhere in the Alps, enjoying the sun and skiing while trying to learn some French!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Nissetufser og Slemme Slabbedasker

Ah, jeg har akkurat funnet ut at jeg ikke er den eneste som irriterer meg over lettere udugelige oversettelser på norsk TV.. Dagbladet meddelte nettopp at TV3 har hatt en litt uheldig variant på Oprah show før idag - der de har klart å oversette Crystal Meth (som visstnok er metamfetamin) med det heller ukjente narkotiske stoffet Krystallmetadon. Hadde visst skapt et rush av seerprotester..

Jaja, men så leste jeg videre da, på alle kommentarene folk har lagt til saken. Og der var det jo gullkorn på gullkorn, og jeg lo så tårene trillet. Tror min absolutte favoritt må være:

"I've got the car up front. Let's go!" eller på "godt" norsk: "bilen har framhjulstrekk, vi går!"

Men når jeg leser videre er det definitivt ikke lett å bestemme hvem som fortjener bestemannstrofeet. Du kan jo lese selv og bedømme..

Et par nye slagkraftige kraftuttrykk har jeg i hvertfall lagt til i ordforrådet. Din nissetufs! Din slemme slabbedask!

No vart du skræmt no tenkje je...