Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oksana reports from Tallinn

Wowwowwow, it's Wednesday evening already! Where did Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday go? Good thing is that it is almost week-end again... Last week-end my friend Kjersti was here, and that was great. We tested out the spa, shopping, and cafe facilities here in Tallinn. I had also impressed myself with my newfound planning skills, and booked a table at an Indian restaurant for Saturday night. Or at least I thought I had. But it goes to show - even when I try to plan it ends up failing. Because there was no reservation for "Hannah". Nope, sorry. But there was, however, one for Oksana. Also a table for two for 8 o'clock. And as Oksana still hadn't shown up at 20 minutes past 8, we started to suspect that there was in fact no Oksana and that the table was actually the one I had booked. Hannah - Oksana. Poteito - potato. I don't know what is worst; my planning or my pronounciation skills...

I am also almost done with my French classes. I still can't have the most exciting conversations in French - unless you want to hear me describe my room (which is, in fact, quite "interesting")or order at a restaurant - but I do think I can sense some improvement. But as my French skills are slowly improving, my Norwegian is going in the opposite direction. I have put a diagnosis on myself - I am language confused! All these Scandinavian languages, English, French, and Estonian is making my Norwegian sound like a strange mixture of Scandinavian - Bokmål - Dialect - Norwenglish, something I became painfully aware of last week end.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Rumour has it I have been a lousy blogger lately. I have nothing to say in my defence. Just the usual, worn-out excuse that time is flying too fast.

Since my last update, November has arrived. Winter has come to Tallinn. And left. And come again. And - for the time being - left. Or at least the snow has left, the cold is still very much present. I am stuggeling a little finding a right temperature at the moment. I thought I had gotten used to the central heating system, but it turned out they just hadn't turned it on all the way yet. Because today I came home to a sauna! After spending some time in my room, I had to go for a walk, because it was so hot. But outside was so cold I almost froze my ears off... I am waiting for the snow to come. It makes it all so much lighter and a little bit warmer, I think.

Not a long post this time - I am way too tired to write anything useful right now. Good night!