Monday, March 27, 2006

Flatpakker er Ikke Helt som Alle Andre Pakker


Good news: My new bed arrived from IKEA, and I no longer have to sleep on the floor

Bad news: It arrived in the form of a “flatpakke”; in other words IKEA assumes that I will be able to put this thing togehter all by myself, only with the “help” from their so-called directions in form of a 8 page long pamphlet with drawings of smiley people guiding me through the bed-building process step-by-step, picture by picture.

Uhm. Well. With my practical skills and my limited faith in this much-to-be-desired pamphlet, the result turned out to look anything but what page 8 suggested. And sure enough, the bed ended up crocket, with one side like 10 cm longer than the other. And of the 11 screws provided by IKEA, 8 are happily unused and along with 16 of the 24 wood-nails still sitting in the plastic bag they arrived in. Luckily, this is a very low bed, so if my masterpiece falls apart, the fall won’t be too dramatic. Well, take a look for youtself..

However, various interior decorating shows at BBC has taught me that the “finishing touches” makes all the differece in the world.. Hence (my favorite word in these exam times..):

Well, I guess even the finishing touches can’t cure everything..


Anonymous said...

Yahooo!!! It works it works!

Anonymous said...

Vi har jo prøvd oss på flatpakker før...Det var jo en super måte å bli kjent på, men jaggu tok det lang tid å få satt sammen det usle nattbordet mitt. Men det står ennå:)Linn

hanne said...

hehe, ja, vi er flatpakkemestere:) Du skulle nok vært her og hjulpet meg med denne her, tviler på at senga holder seg like lenge som nattbordet ditt har gjort.. Men du har rett: flatpakker er en genial team-building-aktivitet :) H