Friday, December 09, 2005

Speechmaking turns Fun

This day started with me having to do one of my least favorite activities. Holding a speech in front of about 100 people in Tromsø city centre, with a microphone. But the fact that the audience were all from 6 to 12 years old and that I didn't have to write the speech myself helped a lot. It was actually almost fun! And good practice for my new job that I start after Christmas... Probably good to get as much practice at talking in front of huge crowds of people as possible before that...

Also, I am quite excited because I finally had a great idea for my thesis topic! An idea which means that I could include my interest for sports. Wonderful! So today I have sent an e-mail, and I am hoping for a positive response from the organization. Of course I expect them to be quite as excited as me about this wonderful idea, and have checked my e-mail every five minutes after I sent it (which was like 20 min ago...), to see if they replied yet. So far nothing, but I am keeping my hopes up :)

Cross your fingers for me!

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