Monday, April 03, 2006

I Need:

1. Inspiration.

2. 3000 words for essay. Preferably about collective narratives, peace education and/or history.

3. An invention that would make the day last for 48 instead of 24 hours every day until Friday.

If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to tell me.


Master of Peace and the Universe said...
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Master of Peace and the Universe said...

Hey, exactly what I need too! Inspiration, words, and more time... If you get any hints on how to find these missing elements make sure you tell me immediateley.

whereonearth said...

Ok people, here's what you do:
(Silje should know better already, since she already found what she was looking for in this way once..)
Log yourself onto the internet, find your way into google, write "inspiration+words+time" into the field, press enter and VOILA! =)

whereonearth said...

Or.. hmm. Maybe some other words would be better. With those I got something else than inspiration, words and time. I got to a page called

So maybe if you're religious then you could ask God for those missing elements but what about us atheists?


Master of Peace and the Universe said...

The Internet. Of course! How could I forget. A search for a 'recipe for inspiration' actually gave me exactly that! Hahaha! This is hilarious. Here's how it works:

in the depths of your mind are thoughts profound,
In quiet reflection they are to be found,
then with a sharp thorn, pierce your heart deep
take the blood and agony and tears you weep,
when you have all these together,
dip in a quill, of a dove's white feather,
then let your words on paper flow,
immortal, making hearts and minds glow.

Ok then, just have to pierce our hearts deep, blablabla and then dip in a quill!
What a relief! Can't wait to start making hearts and mind glow here...

hanne said...

I did a little google search too; "48 hour day". And voila - up jumps with an amazing offer of the book "How to have a 48 hour day. Get twice as much done as you do today!"

Nice try, Amazon. But if it requires reading a whole book, I'm not sure it's actually gonna save me any time...

Master of Peace and the Universe said...

Check out my latest findings! Ubelievable but true!

But perhaps I should try to write something on my exam also now... Still don't know how to stop the time or jump to next week...