Monday, September 25, 2006

Russian Specialities...

On the first night in Murmansk, the guy next to me at the table said that he thought trying new types of food was the most interesting part of travelling. The woman across the table disagreed, and thought food was next most important after the view.

In the case of Murmansk, I have to say that the food was probably a little more interesting than the view. Because we got a lot of Russian specialities - and I think the word "interesting" describes them quite well. "Indefinable" is another one. But of course, we had to try these indefinable foods now that we had the chance...

Lakserogn (Salmon roe): very strange consistency, strange taste, wouldn't recommend trying it really... But in case you do, have a glass of water (or vodka) ready.

Griseflesk med hvitlĂžk (pig fat with garlic): don't even think about it!

Some kind of fancy chicken: Despite tons of butter, this is VERY good!

Chips with mushroom flavor: Not my first choise of chips...

But I have to point out that we also got a lot of good food in Murmansk :)

However, I also have to say that I don't agree with either of my neighbors at the table. The best thing about travelling is either the food or the view. It is meeting the local people.

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