Sunday, May 14, 2006

Au Revoir Tromsø

Summer vacation arrived early this year. Early exams, great sun, and shorts-and-singlet temperatures tricked my brain into believing that it is a lot later than the 14th of May. The result is that I am walking around in a summer-vacation-mode which seems impossible to snap out of. Even the fact that it has now started snowing outside can't change this great summer feeling..

I left Tromsø four days ago, and it it strange to think about that I'm not going back there for like four months. But there will be a lot of stuff happening in those four months!

My summer vacation started out great when I spent three days at Berit's place in Oslo. Next week I'm going to Trondheim to celebrate 17.mai and do some serious Namibia-shopping on the 18th. Then I guess Namibia is next up on my summer plans.. I am experiencing a strange mix of feelings about the trip - a good portion of excitement and curiosity all mixed up with a big dash of fear. Lately, though, the excitement and curiosity part is starting to grow bigger, especially after recieving two big envelopes filled with Namibian tourist phamplets in the mail. My new brilliant plan is to finish all my interviews in record-speed, and have as much time as possible to go on safaries and do some tourist stuff!


Master of Peace and the Universe said...

Hey! I'm in Trondheim too! Send sms when you get here and we can have some coffee at Choco Boco på Bakklandet! Or we can see who can eat most ice cream on wednesday. Yey! (If you're here today already I can probably get you in for free on the Belle&Sebastian concert tonight!)(Og på den sagnomsuste og herrrlige hybelfylla på samfundet...) Hurray!

hanne said...

Oh, I really wish I was there tonight!! Konsert og hybelfest er lenge siden sist. Alt for lenge siden! But, anyway, both Choco Boco and ice cream-eating-contest sounds like a plan :) Sees i bartebyen!