Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sweater, anyone?

I am not happy with our washing machine.

We have had some minor disagreements all along, since I am secretly suspecting it of shrinking my jeans ever so slightly. However, last night it was time for the big confrontation:

It definitely shrunk my lambwool sweater! A lot!

I mean, even the washing maschine should understand that when I put it on the gentle cycle, 30 degrees, it is supposed to do exactly the same as if I had put it on the wool-programme. Hello!

But, I guess I have to face facts, the sweater is no longer possible for me to wear. Some serious stretching changed it from a tiny size 10-year to something more close to a size 12-year, but at soon 25 that doesn’t do much good for me. So I figured it is probably best to see if it could be useful for anyone else, and therefore:

A now amazingly tight and tiny, but still nice and warm, beige lambwool sweater up for auction! So if you know someone who knows someone who.. Or if you are looking for a cheap gift for a nephew or (maybe preferably) a niece – look no further!

The bidding starts at 10 kroner! 10 going once– 10 goin..

Did I hear 12?

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