Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ooops, I did it Again...

It seems like I never learn..

Finally, the sun and summer temperatures have decided to find their way to Os also. And in true Norwegian summer spirit, I find my bikini and go to lay out on the veranda at the first hint of sun. That is how the Norwegian summer works. So now I have spent a few days just sitting out on the veranda, trying to read in the great, warm sun. It has been great! But too bad that I forgot that thing called sunblock - again! I am now so red that I can barely sit, and I shouldn't go out in the sun again today. But how can anyone sit in when there is weather like this??

The thing which is quite strange to think about is that only a couple of weeks ago I was in Khorixas, where 20 degrees felt really, really cold. It is winter in Namibia now, and people were wearing their jeans and winter jackets - which are just as thick as Norwegian winter jackets (boblejakker på godt norsk!). People were talking about how cold it was, and the funny thing is that I, too, would disapprovingly shake my head and complain about the temperatures being low. It really felt cold!! And here it feels really hot! Strange.

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