Monday, May 22, 2006

Ready (?) for Take Off

Day of departure is sneaking up on me, and the "joy" of packing is almost over. The packing has mostly been carried out like this: making a list of things I think I need to take with me (and forgetting half of it of course), then starting to sort things into piles on the floor (piles that don't have any kind of categorization or make any kind of sense of course), and then standing in the middle of all those piles, just looking at them not knowing where to begin. The other problem is of course that I have decided to bring very little.. And knowing myself, this is going to complicate things even more, because I am just not made for packing lightly. But I am not made for carrying superheavy backpacks in warm weather either, so this time I have to be good..

The worst thing is that I have this terrible feeling that I am forgetting something.. The visa-application was approved in record time, I now have a host family in Khorixas and a lift from the airport, and I have "enjoyed" my last bottle of delicious, "raspberry"flavored drinking vaccine, but STILL it feels like I am forgetting something.. Oh well, I am counting on that it is just a stupid feeling, that things will work out very smoothly once I get past those off-sick/striking security-check people (wow, maybe I won't be body searched this time!) at Gardermoen.

Even though I am a little nervous about the whole thing, I am also - believe it or not - quite optimistic that this will be a really good experience. I have heard so many positive things about Africa, about Namibia, Khorixas, and the people there, and also about the amazing desert-scenery in Namibia. I think it will be a great experience, and the six weeks will probably fly by. I just wish I could go now. It's all this waiting that is just starting to make me nervous.

But I have found out that there is an internet place in Khorixas (although the net apparently is a little unstable, as the internet usually is), so I am going to update my blog as often as possible! My blog will as of now and for a couple of months turn into a travel-blog, or a travel-diary. And I'll be very happy if you send me e-mails, comments or sms's :)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Au Revoir Tromsø

Summer vacation arrived early this year. Early exams, great sun, and shorts-and-singlet temperatures tricked my brain into believing that it is a lot later than the 14th of May. The result is that I am walking around in a summer-vacation-mode which seems impossible to snap out of. Even the fact that it has now started snowing outside can't change this great summer feeling..

I left Tromsø four days ago, and it it strange to think about that I'm not going back there for like four months. But there will be a lot of stuff happening in those four months!

My summer vacation started out great when I spent three days at Berit's place in Oslo. Next week I'm going to Trondheim to celebrate 17.mai and do some serious Namibia-shopping on the 18th. Then I guess Namibia is next up on my summer plans.. I am experiencing a strange mix of feelings about the trip - a good portion of excitement and curiosity all mixed up with a big dash of fear. Lately, though, the excitement and curiosity part is starting to grow bigger, especially after recieving two big envelopes filled with Namibian tourist phamplets in the mail. My new brilliant plan is to finish all my interviews in record-speed, and have as much time as possible to go on safaries and do some tourist stuff!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sweater, anyone?

I am not happy with our washing machine.

We have had some minor disagreements all along, since I am secretly suspecting it of shrinking my jeans ever so slightly. However, last night it was time for the big confrontation:

It definitely shrunk my lambwool sweater! A lot!

I mean, even the washing maschine should understand that when I put it on the gentle cycle, 30 degrees, it is supposed to do exactly the same as if I had put it on the wool-programme. Hello!

But, I guess I have to face facts, the sweater is no longer possible for me to wear. Some serious stretching changed it from a tiny size 10-year to something more close to a size 12-year, but at soon 25 that doesn’t do much good for me. So I figured it is probably best to see if it could be useful for anyone else, and therefore:

A now amazingly tight and tiny, but still nice and warm, beige lambwool sweater up for auction! So if you know someone who knows someone who.. Or if you are looking for a cheap gift for a nephew or (maybe preferably) a niece – look no further!

The bidding starts at 10 kroner! 10 going once– 10 goin..

Did I hear 12?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday Hike

Yesterday, Kjersti and I let thesis preparations be thesis preparations, and decided to spend all day outside. It is simply impossible to sit inside when the sun is shining, there are no clouds in sight, and the temperature is climbing towards the 20 degree mark. So we decided to take up the søndagstur tradition from the fall.

Goal of the day: top of the Fjellheis mountain. The Fjellheis goes there, but costs 85 kr to take to the top, and is free to take back down. Translated into student language: you walk up, and you take the heis down.

The hike up is steep, but not too long. Within an hour the goal was reached, and along the way we got to take some breaks and take pictures of the people who were not quite as sporty as us (look right):

From the top of the mountain, the view is fantastic. And I also got to work on my sunburn that is supposed to be the base color before heading off to Namibia (so actually I could call this thesis preparations after all!), eat some ice cream and a hot dog, and just relax. What a perfect day!

And after a Sunday hike, what could be better than sitting outside at Driv in the sun, drinking a glass of ice cold coke?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sommer og Sol

Looks like the summer has already come to the Paris of the North! The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the seagulls are singing and the ice cream is waiting. I spent May 1st (Labor Day) sitting outside Driv eating the first softis of the year and working on my sunburn, and it felt great! I think I might have to reconsider winter being my favorit time of year..

OK, now I'm off to sit on the veranda of the Peace House to read a little. My sunburn is not quite there yet.