Monday, August 13, 2007

Dream Weekend

Friday afternoon.
Home from work.
Nothing that HAS to be done, nothing that SHOULD have been done. (Except relaxing.)
Temperature of 30 degrees, sun from a cloud-free sky.
Grab a few things, go to the bus station.
Sit on the bus for a couple of hours.
Arrive in a beautiful little town, staying in a great appartment close to the beach.
Going to a restaurant to eat some great food affordable on a student budget.
Going to the fresh fruit and vegetable market to find something for breakfast.
Discovering that the beach is 1 km of fine graided sand, and that the water is amazingly refreshing.
Having a barbeque and wine with friends in the great appartment.
Going to a disco on the beach, cheap drinks and good music.
Taking a morning swim in the sea on the way home at 6 a.m.
Catching a couple hours of sleep.
Spending Sunday on the beach, in cafes, relaxing.

I could be discribing a dream weekend scenario.
I am actually discribing my weekend in Pärnu.

Yeah, life is good.

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