Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rock and Helsinki

The weeks just fly by these days. I have heard that they do that faster the older you get, but I choose to believe that they also fly faster the more fun you have. Because there was a lot of fun stuff happening also last weekend (and week). I had a visit from my mom and her cousin, I took a Norwegian rock band out to lunch, dinner, and the pub, and I went to Helsinki!

The rock band in question was Heroes and Zeros, who were here to perform at an event called Nordfest (organized by the Nordic embassies here in Tallinn and some others), where one up-and-coming rock band from each of the Nordic countries were playing. The Norwegian band had won the Urørt-competition for new bands in P3. I really liked their music, and they did a really good live performance too.

And on Sunday it was time to go abroad! Helsinki is only like 50 km away. Too long for a swim, but short enough for a convenient boat trip. And during the summer there is even the super-fast-boat, that takes only an hour and 45 minutes. Inland-animal that I am, I was a little bit sceptical to get on a boat, but the travel sickness pills did the trick.. On the little boat on the way to Helsinki, the waves were pretty big. On my search for breakfast (read: chocolate) in the tax free shop, I almost knocked over all the stuff in the shop because I could hardly stay on my feet. I think I would have walked more steady even after a bottle of vodka than in those waves... But we got to Helsinki, and had a great time there. I even got to meet up with Marjaana for a little while. On the way back we had the bigger boat - the cruise boat if you want - with the big buffet.. I got to show my enormous appetite for chocolate realted dessert to the whole diplomatic association (lot of laughter), before I rolled over to the piano bar to enjoy the rest of the trip back to Tallinn.

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Linn Cathrine said...

He he.. Vi var flere som slet oss gjennom båttur i helga ja.. Som du jo vet er d en grnn til at jeg nå sitter her og knoter ned noe m ei hånd - venstre. Kjipern!!