Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Yesterday ,Laura, Morten, and I invited people over for an applecake-eating-experience of huge dimensions. Inviting guests over for something eatable, however, also requires a few preparations - which in a foreign country can take a little longer than one is used to...

Laura googled apple-pie to find some tempting recipies. She found four very good ones, and, since I get off work first, my job was to go to the supermarket to find the ingredieces. Now, that doesn't sound too hard, does it? Well, it can be.. when everything in the store has some Estonian name very VERY different from the Norwegian one. Even though Laura had translated some of the igrediences needed into Estonian, and some helpful supermarket employees did their best to help, it still proved to be quite a challenge. Still, one hour later - I was on my way home; ready to bake, and with only two wrong things in my plastic bags!

Baking was fun, but not without it's challenges. Our kitchen doesn't have all the equipment that could have been desired for making four cakes - but Laura convinced me to see the possibilities rather than the obstacles. And even though a electric mixer would still be preferable for making whipped cream, at least I discovered that my upper arm strength is a lot better than initially believed; I made the whipped cream into butter by mistake...

But still, the cakes turned out really good, the company was great - all in all a very successful apple-cake-happening!

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