Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Central Heating System

If anyone has anything favorable to say about having a central heating system in appartment buildings, please speak up. Because personally, I am quite puzzled! I can list several cons to this system, but not think of a single pro... And the cons are quite important ones; like it's environmentally unfriendly, it's unhealthy, and it's annoying.

About a week ago they turned on the central heating system in my building. Now I have a massive cold, recovering from a headace, and I "fyrer for krÄka" (Norwegian expression that is hard to translate - like "heating for the crows"). I cannot use heating very much because that tends to give me headaces. Which makes is quite unfortunate that I cannot turn the radiator off. So I have to regulate by opening the window to get some fresh airduring the nights. Hence the massive cold. And the warm, happy crows. Trying to come up with a better plan for the next two months..

Otherwise, everything good - but quite hectic - in Tallinn!

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