Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sleepy and Cultural Times

Last night we set the clocks one hour back, which meant one sacret hour more of sleep for me. That was also very nicely timed, because I seem to be coming down with something that I am trying to fight off by sleeping. I hope what I am fighting with is not the flu that is running around, even though the symptoms might bear a hint of that. But - optimistic thoughts - I think the sleep has cured it. After sleeping for almost 12 hours last night, I was exhausted after 4 hours at the art museum, and fell asleep for another 5 hours when I got home, I now feel slightly better.

My trip to the art museum nicely fit into my otherwise very cultural week. All cultural things like concerts, opera, ballett etc. are so cheap here, and some we are invited to for free through the embassy, so it is a nice chance to experience some things that I normally wouldn't. The last week and a half, we have had something called Norwegian Week here in Tallinn, that ended with a piano-Grieg-concert Wednesday, which was really nice. Then I went to my first ever opera on Thursday, to see Tosca. Opera was really different from what I had imagined - and in a good way.

But now I have been awake for almost two hours, and my eyes don't want to stay open anymore. It is time to get some much needed sleep ;)

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Morten Holm Steinvig said...

Bon rĂªve Hanne zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz