Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dentists and Leaving

Surprise!!! The lousy blogger is back :)

A lot of stuff has happened since I last wrote. Too much to go into detail. I have had visits from friends, and that has been great. I have been hanging out, having fun. Winter has come to Tallinn, winter has left Tallinn. I don't think there is much hope of a white Christmas here. Fortunately, I think it is at home. But Tallinn is doing it's best creating a Christmasy feeling with lots of lights, Christmas trees, and a market. And for the first time I have no exam to dread. But it's mixed feelings after all - because I am leaving Estonia in a week.

Today I went to the dentist. Traumatic experience. No, I am not afraid of dentists. But I am now afraid of my next visit to one. I had heard that going to the dentist is a lot cheaper here in Estonia. So I decided to take advantage of that. Equipped with a paper napkin around my neck and a pair of amazingly becoming goggles on my face, I was put in a chair ready for a check-up of my teeth. And all went well - I was even brave and said no when offered an "injection" to get through a particularly painful part of the treatment (yeah, brave - and afraid of needles...). Afterwards the dentist told me that everything looked well. I could still hear a "but" hanging in the air.. And yeah - "but, there are also bad news". Then he went on telling me that I need an operation to get my wisdom teeth out. He also told me some other gross details about the mentioned operation. Plus, that it will hurt for a week. Per tooth. So, my cheap visit to the dentist turned out not so cheap after all. Because now I have to get a second opinion in Norway. And maybe a third. And a forth. And a.. (I won't stop until I find one that says: nope, no need for an operation here!)

Tomorrow I'm having a kind of leaving party. And day-by-day, it is hitting me more and more that I'm going home soon. And though it will be good to get home, too, I am sad to leave. I don't think I'm ready to leave yet - time flies too fast. And what happens now? I really wish I knew...

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Linn Cathrine said...

Jeg måtte operere ut 2visdomstenner for ti år siden. De lå slik at de ville komme til å presse på de andre tennene mine. Jeg skal kanskje ikke gå i detalj, men det innebar litt skjæring og intens høy lyd. Det var ikke vondt (var bedøvet), men ganske ubehagelig med den skjærende høye lyden.. Littegrann blå/grønn og hovent på kinnet en stund etterpå, men det var da virkelig ikke vondt så lenge. Det er bare tøys. Jeg husker da til og med at jeg gikk rundt på CC-Martn etter operasjonene (jeg gjorde nemlig dette på Sykehuset på Gjøvik i sin tid). Så det så:)
Det er nok kanskje ikke så moro å måtte gjennomgå denne operasjonen, men det er sannelig ikke så artig å få skeive tenner heller...;)
Gleder meg til du kommer hjem!! Håper du finner et sted å bo i Oslo-området ganske snart!!!
Du skulle dra den 20?