Sunday, December 16, 2007

Spa testing

When I first arrived in Tallinn, I thought there is no rush to try to see everything, because I had plenty of time. And then time flew. And now just before leaving I remember everything that I should have done, and don't have time to do it. Happens every time!

But one thing I was determined not to miss was a real spa treatment. I couldn't live here for almost half a year and not test out the thing that makes hundreds of countrymen board buses and planes and head for Tallinn each year. Every time I have had visitors here and booked spa apppointments, something has gotten messed up with the booking and I have ended up with the "classical massage treatment". So a week ago I decided to book a real spa treatment that sounded just perfect for me - "energy enhancing treatment - the ideal cure against tiredness". It was going to last for two hours, and I was convinced that this was a real spa thing when I got a pair of those really sexy paper underwear thingys that I have heard so much about.. Then I was put in a capsule, before getting a body peeling. Then I got a body mask from seaweed that smelled absolutely terrible, was wrapped in a plastic something and left to rest for half an hour accompanied by a sound machine that played wave sounds - with the occational sound of what I am sure must have been a sheep.. Then there was massage, and my energy treatment was done.

It was very nice, I was very happy - and went home to take a nap.

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