Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beautiful like a Macaroni

Last night, while I was out playing pool with my brothers for the last time in a few months, I recieved the so far strangest compliment of my life from some guy in the bar.

"You look beautiful like a macaroni".

"Ehm.. Thank you. I think.."

My brother Dion had to explain some cultural differences to me. That has started to become a habit by now. And apparently, macaroni is something most families in Khorixas only get to eat for their Sunday dinner. Therefore, it is something special for them. Rice, too, is apperantly pretty special, therefore "beautiful like a rice" would also be a big compliment. So thank you. I think.

When we are on the subject of strange compliments, there is one more that I just haven't gotten used to. "Oh, you legs look so fat!" "Oh, you look really fat in that picture!" Ehm.. thank you?? Dion comes to my rescue again. According to him, if he told a lady that she had become fat, she would be happy all day long. Apparantly, if people loose wait, there will be rumors that they have gotten HIV, and therefore, nobody wants to hear that they are thin. I can understand that. But it still feels a little bit strange to hear people telling me straight out that I look fat today..

Otherwise, today I left Khorixas, and I am going to spend the last two weeks here in the capital, Windhoek, except for a little safari trip or two. It was really sad to leave Khorixas, and especially my family who has been great! It was probably good that my friend Eric came to my house at 8.30 this morning saying that he had found a car that would take us to Windhoek right now, even before I was finished packing, so it wasn't much time to feel sad and dreading saying good-bye. I don't think it really hit me before I was sitting alone in Windhoek this evening, that I don't get to see them again for months. That's sad!

I must try to look at the bright side! here in Windhoek I have hot water, and tomorrow I get to take a warm shower and wash my hair. I never thought I could be so excited about hot water!! I can count on embarrasingly few fingers the showers I have taken in the last four weeks.. Besides, getting back to more familiar food is also on the plus side. And now I am just babbeling. I hear my bed calling me. A bed with a duvet and pillow, no more sleeping bag for a looooong time :)

And, as you see, I am back in a place with internet connection. tomorrow I will see if I can get to post the blogs I have saved on my memory pen each time I optimistically went to see if the internet place was open..


Linn said...

Koselig å høre fra deg igjen! Godt å høre at du trives!! Gleder meg til å se deg når du kommer hjem:) said...

Hei Hanne!
Så morsomt å lese det du skriver fra Khorixas. Kjente problemstillinger, må jeg si. Er spent på om du reiser til Oshivelo. Vi ser fram til å få besøk av Norway Cup-gutta fra Khorixas, og planlegginga er godt i gang. Regner med å se deg her i Elverum den uka de er her (fra 23.juli)
Hilsen Birgit i Namibiaforeningen

kjersti said...

Hei, kult at du endeli fikk oppdatert litt. Tenkt at d bare e et par uka tell du e hjemme igjen! Syns ikke d e så lenge sia æ va på Gardemoen m dæ... Fint at du har det bra! God tur på safari!

Jamppa said...

Uuhh.. I can say any nice things in norwegian but maybe "har du sovet godt?" It is amazing how warm shower can made people happy. It is something what I want learn and hope you will remember. Be aware of lions with you fat legs:)