Friday, June 09, 2006

A few Words from Khorixas

Just thought I'd write a few words from Khorixas, Namibia! The place where I have access to internet is also the place where they have examinations these days, and therefore - not so much internet for me. And now that I suddenly got to use the internet for a few minutes, I have experienced so much that I don't even know how to start putting it down on paper.

So now I have been up here for almost two weeks. It's strange - in one way it seems like I have been here a lot longer, but in another way the days go really fast. I have decided to stay here for about two more weeks, doing some more interviews and hanging around, and then go to the capital, Windhoek, to do a few interviews, go to a fund-raising sports day, and hopefully have time to go on a little safari-trip somewhere.

Khorixas is a nice place, and the people are very nice. I live with a very nice family, and have four host siblings. The two oldest boys brought me on a sightseeing trip in the area a couple of days ago, and that was a lot of fun. I have also tried to learn a little bit of their traditional dancing, but without very much success I'm afraid. Another thing I am not doing very much progress on is to learn a few words of the language they speak here - because they have a few clicking sounds that are just impossible for me to pronounce. I had my brother record it into my cell phone, so when I get home I let you hear and you will all probably understand why... Otherwise I have started to do some interviews, and I have followed the Norwegian girl who is a sports volunteer here to some of her work. Tonight she has her good-bye party, and she'll be leaving on Sunday. That will be sad!

Well, there is a lot more things I should have written, but I am running out of time right now. Ciao!


Rachel said...

Yeah! Hurray! I am so glad you are enjoying your time there! I thought maybe we'd never hear from you...but I understand the limited email acess...I figured as much.
Have a great two more weeks and take pictures!
Best wishes from Rach

Linn said...

godt å høre at du finner deg til rette. Skjønner godt at det ikke er gjort i en håndvending. synes du er veldig tøff som er der på egen hånd! Fortsatt masse lykke til!! Stor klem fra Linn :)