Thursday, June 29, 2006

Separated at Birth?

Now in these World Cup times, I was talking to my football fanatic neighbor Philip. The subject of Sweden participating in the World Cup came up, and he asked which famous players plays for Sweden. I listed up the ones I knew, ending with Zlatan Ibrahimovich. Then there was a little pause where my neighbor just looked at me before he said "Yeah. You actually look like him".

Well, I don't know MJ, do Zlatan and I make it to your look-alike-list??

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whereonearth said...

Hey hanne!

I don't know what this Zlatan guy looks like, but for some reason I'd like to think you don't look alike..
I'll go check him out on the net and get back to you on this one. Take care Hanne and hope to see you soon in Oslo!