Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blog Power

Just two days after I wrote my previous post, King Winter did decide that it was time to come to Tromsø. I believe the decision was made after reading my blog, of course. I love winter. The snow makes everything so much lighter, and the cold is so refreshing. At least if it doesn't get any colder than this.

Because of all the snow, I now have some entertainment here in the city library. I got a desk right by the window overlooking a steep down hill, and from the looks of it - the winter came a little suddenly on people in Tromsø this year. Most have not yet found their winter shoes or brushed the dust off their "walking on slippery snow and ice-skills", it seems. No serious falls yet, luckily, but quite a few funny walking styles and almost-falls have been spotted. (Man får ikke mer moro enn den man lager selv, sant...)

Ok. It's time to stop writing unnecessary blog posts and close the internet here now. I must go back to staring helplessly at the computer screen trying to write a few sentences on my research paper. No luck so far. I wish wasting time could be a full time job. In that case I wouldn't have to worry about not getting a job once student life is over..


Jamppa said...

Send some snow to us too, please.

Jamppa said...

Snow is beatiful. Thank u Hanne :)