Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Career Choices

Student life seems to be coming to an end in a few weeks, and I guess it is time to grow up and get a job. This does however undeniably sound a little frightening to me, so much so actually, that I have been playing with the idea to sign up for a year of studying something somewhere. I don't really mind what and where, but I would prefer if an easy subject and a nice, sunny beach were involved... But well, I guess I have to face the fact that working life is inevitable some time in the nearest future. And although I haven't gotten much closer to an idea as to what I want to work with, a couple of incidents latley have at least suggested a cople of career paths I shouldn't go for.

One of those is anything that has to do with maths. It is a known fact that whenever I write something, I go for the "what can be said with one sentence can definitely also be said with ten"-approach. Then I always face the problem of what to cut out to make it short enough. This time the thesis was max 70 pages. So when I added all my chapters, I had 8+12+16+34 = 80 pages! At least that's what I thought for a whole week - being reallyreally stressed about having to cut 15 pages (as I did not have intro or conclusion yet). Until one day I took at look at it again, adding up the numbers... and got 70! Grrr.. all that stress for nothing!

Another plan I have had lately is to go to Switzerland or France to learn French in the fall. Fooling myself into believing that my French from high school would be a good enough base, I found a perfect school in Lausanne. It did not exept beginners, but then - as I said I had French in high school. So I wrote them a little e-mail in English, asking what level of French was required. A few hours later, they sent me a loooong reply - all in French. Although I didn't understand a word of the e-mail, I put two and two together (see, I know a little maths!) and realized that that probably suggests that my level of French is far from the required...

So that plan had to be abandoned even before it started. I guess it is just back to waiting to see if one or two of the few places I applied for a job from choses to call me in for an interview. Other suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

You could work at the Kvikne's Hotel. 5 months of draining hotel work, cash pouring in and nowhere to spend it. The rest of the year you can do what ever you like. Repeat. That could go on for.. gosh, years and years I suppose. If you want to dodge real worklife =D


P.S I'm considering it at least=)