Friday, January 18, 2008

Miss Clumsy

I have moved into my new appartment in Oslo, and I think it is going to be great living there. There is only one little unfortunate detail, that I got quite familiar with already the first afternoon. Numerous times. And it makes me feel like the famous butler in "Dinner for One" (Grevinnen og Hovmesteren), the comedy sketch boradcasted on Norwegian TV every year the day before Christmas, and in all other countries on New Year's Eve. No, I have not in a moment of interior-decorating (mis)inspiration puchased a tiger skin with a tiger head to decorate my new place. Neither did I need any of the amounts of alcohol that makes James trip every time he passes it.

My problem is the doorway out from the bathroom. It looks like there is just a step down to the floor in the hallway, but there really is a plank there - and I manage to hit my toes into it every single time... Resulting in numerous dances and creative swearwords while jumping around in the hallway. Except the one time when I, just like butler James, remembered the hindrance, and lifted my feet 30 cm higher than necessary. It didn't help, though, the next time I hit my toe so hard I thought I broke it. It is still blue, but doesn't hurt so much any more. More importantly, I think it taught me the lesson!

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Kari-Merete said...

hihi, jeg ler så jeg griner... cheerio miss sophie;) skal du hjem til martnan eller? savner deg!!