Tuesday, November 14, 2006

London Calling

Yesterday the winter decided to come back to Gardermoen. Our plane was not prepared for that. So it was delayed. When we finally took off, we realized that this was going to be a fight with time if we were going to make the plane from Heathrow to Joburg. We lost that fight. We were delayed in every possible way: Since we took off late, we had to get a new landing time, and had to circle over London for half an hour. Then when we finally landed, there was no space to park, and we had to wait for the stairs to be driven to the temporary parking spot. Then we had to take a bus to another terminal at the totally opposite end of the airport. At this terminal they were very strickt at the security check. When we finally got through, the last plane "to that part of the world" tonight (as the airport guy put it), had already left.

But all is well that ends well. All these dalays made British Airways give us new tickets for tonight, and a hotel in London for last night. And since we had all day today without nothing to do, what else could we do than get on the tube and explore London?? Since I have wanted to go here for quite a while, I was everything but sad to get an opportunity to spend a day here (almost) for free! Unfortunately our suitcases were stuck at Heathrow, and I don't relly have room for anything more in my carry-on, so shopping was not really an option. Still, it was a great day in London. But now we'll soon be on our way back to Heathrow to be sure to make tonight's plane to Joburg :)

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Linn said...

Kan være greit med en avstikker av og til;)
Men håper at dere har kommet fram nå...Klem Linn