Sunday, November 05, 2006

Christmas Card

I wish you could all see Tromsø today. It's beautiful. Cold, snowy, and sunny. It is on Sundays like this that I really don't like being a student. Because Sundays like this should be spent climbing a mountain, not inside a reading room trying to meet a research paper deadline. Somehow I have this fancy idea that having a job enables you to take weekends completely off. I guess I could now that I'm a student too, but in exam times like this it would be a day off with a side dish of guilt feeling.

I also wish that I would have taken my camera today. I looked at it as I left my room this morning, and thought, neh, don't need it.. Then I came out and realized that if I had brought it, I could have posted a great christmas card this year. But, since I didn't bring it, you'll just have to close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful winter landscape you can think of. And that's the christmas card from Tromsø this year.

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Kari-Merete said...

jammen er det artig med blog:)du må kose deg på os;) og god tur til namibia vennen!!