Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stuck in Windhoek

I almost have to laugh. Seems that I'm experiencing Murphy's law of travelling or something. I didn't mind staying 24 hours in London. Not at all. It was great. But then when we finally got on the plane that would take us to Joburg 24 hours late, I got sick. And getting sick on a plane is not a good feeling. It's kind of a claustrophobic feeling. Cause there is nowhere to go and always a line for the bathroom.. The only similar experience I have had was getting seasick in Iceland. Terrible. Well, we finally landed, and had to pick up our luggage and check in to the Windhoek plane. Then I herad that passenger "Berttness" should kindly report to the baggage reclaim desk. So passenger Berttness kindly did, only to find out that our bags were still in London. Filling out all those forms and arguing to get a refund (we finally got 35 puonds for buying deodorants and stuff) made sure that we also lost our plane to Windhoek. Luckily the nice rebooking guy in Heathrow had seen this happening, and also booked us into a later plane "just in case"... So we finally got to Windhoek, where it is nice and warm and sunny, but we have to wait here till the bags arrive, because they don't deliver to Khorixas off course... Turns out they don't deliver to Windhoek either, so we'll have to go get them at the airport. I just called South Africa, and the bags at least made it there and are heading for Windhoek this afternoon. So if all goes according to plan (haha) - we'll pick them up together with the rental care tomorrow morning, and I will test my "driving on the left side"-skills up to Khorixas :)

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Linn said...

Wow! Høres ut som det skjer mer spennende ting der du befinner deg enn her... Her bare regner det - og ute er det beksvart - og klokka er ikke 16.30 en gang...Kos deg:D