Thursday, January 11, 2007


It isn't "only-only" to move from Tromsø to Oslo. Not on a student budget and without a car. But with some creative thinking and help from good friends, it doesn't have to be that expensive after all..

After sorting through my stuff and throwing away eveything I thought I wouldn't need or want anymore, I was left with two mighty heavy boxes ready to be shipped off from the post office. The biggest problem would be to get them the 500 meters from the appartment to the post office.

It turned out not to be such a big problem after all. After spending a few days thinking about how expensive it would be to take them in a taxi, I suddenly got an idea while shopping the other day: why not borrow one of ICA's wonderful shopping carts? So today Marjaana helped me, and we conqured all the challenges King Winter decided to present us with - snowy, icy, and bumpy roads - and the boxes are now at the post office safe and sound. Now I only have clothes, shoes, skis, and books left - and I have plans how to get them all down to the capital :)

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