Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What NOT to do..

... when recording an interview:

Yesterday I finished transcribing one of the interviews. Today I was going to start a new one. Only I have now learned lesson 1 about recording: It might be an idea to put the recorder close to the interviewee, and not very close to oneself... This is hopeless to transcribe. My (fake) laughter is really loud in my ears (and the laughter hasn't gotten any better since yesterday), so I have to turn the volume way down to prevent myself from becoming deaf. Then all the response I can hear is mumble, mumble, mumble. Oh, but it is apparently some very "funny" mumbling, because it's interrupted by a (fake) laughter quite frequently. Ouch.

And double ouch; I didn't know that I sound just like Janice in Friends!


Kari-Merete said...

Hihi, så bra:) Lykke til med videre opptak;)

line said...

ha ha. ler så jeg griner. kjempe bra. PS vi er i samme båt. Ganske stykt å høre seg selv "oooooooooh? ooooh. aaaaaaaah. yeah. i see. oooooooh? aaaaaah. aha."