Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day One

So, finally I'm in Tallinn.. I arrived last night, and on the way here I thought about that I am actually closer to home here than I was in Tromsø. The flight is shorter, and a lot cheaper, too!

I have now gotten settled in my new appartment, and had my first day at work. Both the appartment and the job seem really good! And the city has showed itself from it's best side, with a blue sky and bright sun - finally I found the summer ;) So after work I went around the city a bit, or actually a bit longer than expected... My colleague showed me the supermarket, but then the way back from there was up to my map and me. We didn't really manage. Not at all really. (Some things never change...) After about 20 mins I ended up exactly where I started. And had to try again... Oh well, the weather was great, the city really is beautiful, and a little sightseeing was good (and would probably have been even better without my bleeding blister...). And I found my way home!

And now I am sitting at home reading the city guide that I bought, deciding what place to explore next. On the page I have gotten to they provide some key phrases in Estonian. They have chosen 27 important words and phrases (including the numbers from 1-10), ending with "will you marry me?".. Key phrase indeed..


Linn Cathrine said...

Godt å høre at første dag i Tallinn har svart til forventningene.
Gleder meg til å høre mer.
Stor klem fra Linn

Anonymous said...

Hey Hanne!

Cool to hear that you are a tad bit closer to Helsinki! Tallinn can be veryvery confusing, I remember driving "through" the center to get to the highway.. no road names anywhere..

Anyway, I'll be there in a couple of weeks, so take care and I'll see you soon!


Rachel said...

Ok, don't write off the "will you marry me" to quickly...never know when that might come in handy, Hanne :-)

Good luck, have fun, do good.


Scott D. Meyer said...

Glad you made it Hanne! I enjoyed my time (12 hours) in Tallinn. I'm sure there's much more to explore, so maybe I'll make a return trip when you're ready to show me the city ;) Good luck!