Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Top of the Mornin' to ya!

I have just come back from Dublin. For some reason I love Ireland, with it's cute brick houses, green fields, cozy pubs, and pints of Smithwichs. But most of all I love the Irish accent. I think I could just close my eyes and listen to it all day. (If anyone shares my facination for this beautiful language, I really recommend "Irish Language Lab" on YouTube).

So when I saw that Ryan Air had really cheap flights there, I decided that visiting a friend in Dublin would be a great summer vacation trip! And it was :) Ryan Air was an interesting experience, though, with 150 Norwegians without a sense of "queue culture" battling for the best places in line to secure a good seat on the plane. That kind of situation can bring out the competitive spirit in anyone! Well, after a couple of hours in a half good seat (I have to work on my tactics), I finally reached Dublin. Friday I spent wandering around the city, doing a bit of shopping, a bit of cafe-sitting and people watching, and I even visited a museum (quite proud of myself!). In the evening my friends got off work, and we went to the pub for a real Irish pub-meal and of course the much longed-for pint or two of Smithwichs. On Saturday we rented a car, and drove a bit out of Dublin, to see some see-worthy places outside the city.

I had a great time in Dublin, but now it is time to be home and re-pack my bags - the departure date for Tallinn is getting close! I am excited to go - especially after going to an internet publishing course on Monday and meeting many other people who are also going to be interns at different Norwegian embassies around the world, and also realising that my job of updating the embassy's homepage will not be as complicated as I feared!

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