Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fear and Pain

Today, I have participated in an experiment. Topic to be examined: fear and pain!

But nothing sounds too scary if it requires an hour break from the beloved reading room... And the posibility to win 1 million on a Flax lottery ticket as reward, is also good for a student with a typical student economy.

The experiment was, actually, not as scary as it might sound. It was very relaxing, I alomst fell asleep there for a second. I was taken into a room that contained not much more than four bare walls and a nice, comfortable stressless chair! I sat down, and got some sensor-thingys put around my eyes, a "helmet" on my head that held in place a little tube that would blow puffs of air into my eye, and some lovely big headphones to let me hear some scary sounds. Too bad there wasn't a mirror in there. Or then again - maybe not.. Then the experiment started. Very suddenly. I got a sound in my ear, and a puff of air in my eye. And I jumped almost half a meter up from my chair, before starting giggeling like a teenager. But after that it just got kind of boring. I guess I just got more used to the sound, like a good old fashioned Pavlovian dog.

How they are going to analyze fear and pain out of that is a mystery to me, but luckily for the world I am not a psychology-experiment-analysist.

But it was a good hour break from the reading room. Unfortunately, my student economy is still in bad shape.

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