Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Weekend Review

So, yesterday I thought I had figured out how to put pictures on this blog site. Well, apparently not. One picture came out, but the other two desided to give me a hard time.. So I am trying again. A few technical challenges are not going to stop me! Nonono...

Friday was Teresas birthday, so we made her a lush 1-2-3 choclate cake! After eating that and taking funny tests on the internet (for those of you who didn't know, my mental age is apparently 28, and I am 74% blond..), the celebrations continued in the livingroom in the Peace House. And then I finally got to play Twister, which I have only seen in the movies before.. that was fun!

Saturday can be summed up in three words; shopping, chinese and movies. Marjaana and I made frozen eggrolls for dinner on Friday, and decided that even though they were quite good, we should go to a Chinese place to have some real ones for lunch on Saturday. So we found one of the two Chinese restaurants that are in this city, and I realized it is (probably) owned by my landlord or her family! And they had good eggrolls. Better than ICA!

Saturday was also "Den Store Kinodagen" with movie tickets for half price! And since cheap movie tickets (or cheap anything for that matter) is not something you get every day here in Norway, this amazing offer had to be taken advantage of.. So we got in a line a mile long (apparantly not the only ones going crazy with the opportunity to save a few kroner), ready to buy tickets to "Brødrene Grimm". Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones with that idea either, it was sold out. We vere kind of put on the spot, because the line behind us was even longer than the one in front of us had been. So we could do nothing but trust the ticket lady when she meant that Elisabethtown would be The Movie to see... Orlando Bloom might be good looking, but he sure can't act. And when the plot is the typical love story that has been filmed 110568 times before, that was bad. As you can see, Marjaana and I already suspected that right after bying the tickets...

OK, so the pictures didn't get where they were supposed to be. But at least they are there.. I have to be happy with every progress, these technical difficulties have to be tackled step by step. Så det så!

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