Thursday, November 17, 2005

So close

Back in the library.. Trying to write something on my exam, but somehow it seems more fun to write something on my blog. Not that there is so much to write. Exam times aren’t the most exiting times.

But yesterday it was confirmed – Norway isn't going to the World Championships in football. I am not that surprised. The game wasn’t that good, but it was fun to have a football/beer break from exams (after all, I have been working on the exam for a whole day!). And over-tired as I was, I was practically laughing all through the first half, and struggling to stay awake during the second. You would think the Oscar nominations were up soon, the way some of those players were acting..

In the papers today, it sounds like we were pretty close to the World Cup after all. They say we would have scored, maybe won, if it wasn't for the Chec goalie. Too bad goalies have always been a part of football... But still; so close...

Well, I really have to read some more gender stuff now. Are women more peaceful than men? Will the world be more peaceful if more women enter politics?

Opinions are gratefully accepted.

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Yngve Bergheim said...

I’ve just posted a blog about exams in Tromsø /blogg/2005121219015589.html. I’m linking to a couple of good blogs about life during exam in Tromsø, one of them are yours :-) You got a good blog!