Tuesday, November 15, 2005

White exam-times

Ok, I guess it's time for a new update on life here in the dark north. Hm.

I woke up to something great this morning. Or not really. I woke up because of a terrible noise from the construction workers outside. But then I looked out the window, and it was all forgotten... Because there was SNOW on the ground!!

I have to say that the white stuff covering the ground really saved my day. Because this was not exactly the day I have been looking forward to - exam distribution day. Oh. But it is amazing how much brighter everything looks with a little snow on the ground.

The questions weren't as hard as I had feared. Knock on wood. I should be careful saying that, after all I didn't think the last ones looked so hard either, before I got stuck after a couple of days. But I think I have learned my lesson. This will be OK. This will be interesting. This will be fun (OK, maybe shouldn't stretch it too far..)

So I guess the next couple of weeks will be spent with my nose in the book and eyes on the computer keyboard. But still, I think we'll have time to throw in some fun as well. After all, there is the soccer game tomorrow, Harry Potter on Friday, and the Finnish party on Saturday.

Yeah, everything looks a little brighter with some snow on the ground.

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