Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Blog is Alive!!!

Surprise! A new update! I have heard that some people are losing faith in my blogspot, and threathen to stop check it if nothing happens soon. Well, we can't have any of that, can we!? So I decided to take a few moments of the precious time that would otherwise be spent on reading about the US's implementation of turtle and shrimp restrictions (yeah, I know - that was extremely hard to put aside, but everything for the revival of the Blogspot!), and write some highly exciting news here... But do I have any very exciting news to write? Not really..

I am just going to finish the shrimp article (which actually turns pretty funny when you have been at school for 8 hours, drunk X cups of strong coffee, and are a little bit over-tired), and then we are heading home to celebrate Valentine's Day with lasagne and Animal Planet.

Inspired by Marjaana's latest update, I have decided to live life on the edge a little.. let's try this:
I am a terror threat!!! Let's see if that causes any Blog-trackers to get on my case.. Maybe you'll read about me in the next issue of Newsweek!

But for now, back to the shrimp!

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