Monday, February 20, 2006

A New Way to tell Time

I thought I had fighted off the cold that seems to be going around these days, but apparently I haven't been 100% successful. Some cold-symptoms are remarkably stubborn, although in a (even I have to admit) very strange way..

Last week I noticed that always like half way through the second set of lectures (14-16 p.m.), my nose blocked up. I noticed because suddenly felt like I couldn't breathe, and had to gasp the air in like a whaleross. This happened at pretty much the same time every day, and even continued on Friday when we didn't have lectures, and over the week-end. In the mornings I was fine, in the afternoons I had a cold. Strange. So if anyone is confused about when it turns 3 p.m. now that the dark times are gone and it is nice and bright out all the time - just ask me!

But I'd still prefer using a watch!

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