Friday, February 24, 2006

Terrible Timing

I am sitting here writing an exam about fieldwork in areas of conflict, but there are like a hundred thousand bazillion things I'd rather do right now. So when I saw Marjaana's idea about cloning, I realized that that would have been the answer to my problem. The thing is, that even though there is a hundred thousand bazillion things I'd like to do, as the sports nerd that I am, there is one that clearly tops the list: to watch the Olympics from Torino.. It must be described as painful to sit in my room staring at a computer screen, when the TV is 10 meters away in the living room and I know that if I just turn it on I could watch everything that goes on in Torino! Ahhh... BE STRONG BE STRONG!

So this is what I would love to be able to do: I would clone an extra Hanne that could work her butt off on the exam, while the real me could curl up on the couch with my wool blanket and a hot chocklate and some candy, and just watch sports all day! I seriousely think the Norwegians in the Olympics would have needed me to cheer more actively than this exam has allowed me to. They're not doing very well - gold medal wise. And the thought of Sweden beating us in that statistics..


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whereonearth said...

Watch out Hanne! I haven´t cloned myself yet, but I have a feeling that double-me would be just as restless as me.. So could it be that ultimately it would be you and double-you sitting side by side on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate and munching sweets? =)