Friday, March 16, 2007


Finally, it looks like spring has arrived! I always say that winter is my favorite season, and I still believe it is. It's just that when spring comes, I am not so sure anymore. Because I love spring. And then I love summer too. The only season I don't really like that much is fall. Everything's getting darker, it's raining, it's right between football and ski season, vacation's over and it's back to school.. But spring. Spring's great. Every day is getting lighter, and the sun's making everything bright and warm. Every winter I manage to forget the magic of the sun. Which is good I guess, because that just makes it that much more surprising and fantastic every year.

But still, spring is not my favorite time of year. And I have good reasons for making that statement. Because spring also means that exams are getting closer. Still a lot to read, too little time to read it, and I catch myself wondering what on earth I was doing all those dark winter days that I should have spent reading. Instead I find myself not looking forward to spring time, because I know it means a lot a of stress, coffee, and week long struggles to meet the dead lines. I don't really look forward to May 17th or to my birthday, because they always have an exam waiting around the corner. I knew that that was the way it was going to be already in 9th grade when my dad woke me up on my birthday (end of May) saying: "Happy Birthday! It's time to get up! You have your first exam today. And by the way it's snowing.." I am mad at exams for ruining the spring experience for me. But next year! No more studies, no more exams or thesis to finish! Just spring. Great.

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