Sunday, March 04, 2007


Friday night I went out with some friends to try sushi for the first time. One of the interesting questions of the evening was: can a person who doesn’t like cooked fish actually like raw fish?? Sounds like a mission impossible, but - turns out – it’s not!!

After watching a lot of World Championship skiing from Japan, where NRK very creatively makes almost every Norwegian athlete try sushi for the first time; all the grimaces on their faces should have turned me sceptical. But no, they have only made me more curious, and I figured that now was the perfect time to test…

It turned out to be quite a fun experience. Once we got there the waitress told us that there probably wasn’t a table available, but that she would check. Then she came back and told us that there was one. And guided us all through the room to the back of the restaurant, where she told us that we had to take our shoes off. What?? Yes, take your shoes off, please! Then she opened a door, and it turned out we got the VIP room! And then I understood why we had to take our shoes off – because we were going to sit on pillows on the floor with our legs in something like a hole under the table. And they only gave us chopsticks to eat with… Fortunately we had plenty of time.. :)

Well, the conclusion is: sushi is good stuff, I like it because it doesn’t even taste like fish!

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