Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Occupation: background noise-maker

Tonight I have been in the audience for the recording of the TV-show Rikets Røst. I haven't seen the show before, but since Berit had free tickets, I thought why not? Turns out that was a good desicion!

They told us that we were only there for background noise. Our job for the evening was apparently to make this sound so funny that people in front of their tellys would look up from their newspapers or pizza slices thinking that this was something they shouldn't miss. This job suited me just fine. A couple of hours of laughing - not bad if you ask me! And they also gave us a free beer! I had made a promise to myself, as I woke up slightly hung-over this morning, that I would never drink again. But as I am also president of the short-memory-association (or at least a strong candidate for the position) those kind of promises never seem to work. And anyway, what student can turn down a free beer?

The show was a positive surprise. I think I might have to start watching this program. I would at least recommend turning on TV2 at 21.45 tomorrow. I have already decided to repeat the success of working as backround noise. The tickets for the recording of Nytt på Nytt sometime in April are already booked - and I think it'll be a lot of fun!


Master of Peace and the Universe said...

I would like to sign up for the short-memory-association. I think I qualify as vice-president. I can't even remember the things that I write down in order not to forget, because I don't remember to read the don't forget-list :S

hanne said...

Hehe, yes, then I do think you qualify as vice president! Now if we can just find candidates for the rest of the board-positions, I think we can declare the short-memory-association officially up and running! :)