Monday, February 19, 2007

Support Membership, Bye Bye!

I wonder if this is a coincidence. But on Saturday I decided that it is time to quit being a support member at SATS, and revive my membership. The first unpleasent surprise was when I talked to the (cute) guy at SATS who told me that transferring my membership meant that I also had to start paying Oslo prices. Whatever that means. That means expensive, he told me. Oh. OK. I had no choice. I signed up for a year, and now I'm paying the price (bad pun intended). But this sudden jump in membership fee also kind of pushed me back on the treadmill because I felt too guilty wasting the money, which is good I guess.

Because I don't wanna be part of the ugly statistics I read when I logged on the internet this morning. It said that SATS earns 70 MILLION KRONER a year on people who are just what they call "support members"!! As if that was not enough; the article even called us sofagriser ("couch pigs"??). I refuse to be one.

Therefore I am going there again tonight, even though I really can't move after Saturday's work out, and I have already had an unintended work out this morning (note to self: the one extra minute of sleep in the morning is not worth the sprint to catch the subway in high heels).

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