Sunday, February 11, 2007

Productive Sunday

Today has been what I would call a very productive Sunday. After four days of working at the education fair trying to convince young, future students that Tromsø is the place to be (no, it's NOT that cold. No, mørketid is NOT that bad. No, it's NOT that far away!), all the stuff I had to do to decorate my room has just gathered up until I had to tiptoe between all the piles to get from the sofa, to the desk, to the bed, to the door. So I decided that today I just had to do something about it. It was time to find the sewing machine and start making my room somewhere I could actually be. So I have spent today sewing, watching sports on TV, and covering my sofa that was screaming late 80's - early 90's with some linen colored fabric. That was more comlicated than it sounds. For a while there, I thought that there is some bad technical aura in my room, since my TV refuses to take in anything but NRK1 and now my sewing mashine is also acting weird. But it got better. I'm counting on my TV doing the same.

PS: My upstairs neighbor has spent his whole Sunday practicing playing the guitar. I'm really counting on him being a fast learner.

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