Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Moving is kind of exhausting. Fun, but still exhausting. All this packing, repacking and organizing.. I love decorating my room, but I don't like this mess of stuff I can't find the right place for while decorating. But now I think I'm on the right track. As usual, IKEA did the trick!

The IKEA transport people brought my bed yesterday. So for the second time in under a year, I had a "flatpakket" bed and a manual full of smily faces from IKEA.. I could only hope that it would go better than last time! But I faced a problem already on the first smily picture on page one - apparently I needed tools to put this piece of furniture together, tools that IKEA did not provide.. After a few minutes of frustration I got to borrow some tools from a friend, and voila! Definitely a better result than my former attempt! And finally a place to sleep, even though the bed was not as comfortable as it was at IKEA. Maybe I was just so tired when I was there that I could have fallen asleep anywhere.. :)

So my room is slowly but surely starting to look OK. As I said, I love decorating it, but one thing is to get a great idea of how you want it to look - quite another is to try to make that happen on a student budget ;) That requires quite a lot of creative thinking, and sometimes the thinking gets a bit too creative for its own good, because solutions that seem great in my head don't always work too well in real life... But hopefully, my Africa style room is up and running quite soon!


Kari-Merete said...

å, jeg gleder meg til å se når det blir ferdig:) Skal til tr heim neste helg, og da må jeg til ikea en tur jeg også- som om det ikke er fullt nok fra før her..;)

Linn Cathrine said...

Du får bare gi beskjed hvis du trenger ikea-skyssekspressen igjen;)Jeg blir mer enn gjerne med!
Gleder meg til å se hvordan du får det på hybelen din. Håper fortsatt at du kommer på lørdag:D