Friday, December 01, 2006

It isn't Only-Only

The last couple of weeks I have gotten used to driving on the wrong (read:left) side of the road. I realized that I am getting used to it when I said to my mom yesterday that "have you noticed that now I am almost always choosing the correct side of the road after turning in an intersection??". Yesterday I also practiced my driving-in-a-city-on-the-wrong-side-skills, and it was OK. But today I am returning the car to Hertz. Kind of sad actually. But I do agree with the Norwegian rally-driver Petter Solberg - famous for his Norwenglish - that it isn't only-only to drive in the desert! (This probably makes most sense for those of you familiar with the great Norwegian expression "bare-bare", it doesn't translate too well...)

It has been great to be back in Namibia, and to see the people again. But summr here is HOT! I am looking forward to going back to Norway now, to some decent winter temperatures! Guess I am a winter person after all!


kjersti said...

Vinter?? må nok si at d e plussgrader i hele lande.. ja bortsett fra i finmark da.. så du kan jo ta en ny alta tur:)

Linn said...

Jeg tror du gjør rett i å holde deg i Namibia. Her i moderlandet er det stusselig vær. Vind, mildt, regn, grått og trist. Ikke mye som minner om julestemning.