Monday, December 11, 2006

You know it's Exam Time when...

... your priorities for the day look something like this:

1. check e-mail
2. check blog and everyone else's blogs
3. hmm.. maybe someone got up early and sent me an e-mail. I'd better check.
4. read newspapers online
5. make coffee
6. drink coffee (cannot be done while working!)
7. open the book
8. get frustrated, and close the book
9. write a few lines
10. check e-mail
11. check blogs
12. time for a proper coffee from Mix
13. newspapers
14. maybe now I got an e-mail...
15. I haven't really organized my desk this year. It really needs to be done. Today.
16. Well, why not go through and sort all the papers on my desk while I'm at it?
17. I'm hungry. Time to eat.
18. I have to check e-mail. And blogs. Maybe update mine.
19. OK, I'll write a few lines..
20. Oh, how frustrating. The words just won't come down on paper. I need candy. Time for Mix.
21. Did someone comment on my blog? Only one way to find out.
22. OK, now I really have to write something..
23. It's so dark outside. I must have been sitting here working forever! What? it's only 4 o'clock? well, I'm getting so tired I just have to go home for a nap. I can write more tomorrow.

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Linn said...

he he...
kjenner meg godt igjen