Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Still dreaming of a White Christmas...

When I got home Monday night I got home to snow on the ground. I was so happy. Seemed like signing underskriftskampanjer and dancing snowdances (although in secret and not in Tromsø sentrum) had done the trick after all. Yesterday was cold, there was snow on the trees and a blue, sunny sky. Yes, yesterday was a Christmas card. I was telling people that the white Christmas was there after all. Then I woke up today. Almost all the snow was gone, it was raining, and the thermometer showed +6 degrees. Argh!!! After 25 years I still haven't learned that whoever laughs last, laughs best. The weather-gods must be having a blast ringt now.

I tried to keep the Christmas spirit after all. I have been practicing my housewife skills - cleaning, decorating, writing Christmas cards, and baking. I had asked my mom to not bake my favorite Christmas cookies before I got home, so that I could do it instead. Because, to be honest, the cookies are good, but they are nothing compared to the dough! I went like it had to - I practiced my eating skills more than my cooking skills, and ended up on a sugar high with a terrible stomach ache. And the cookies.. Well, I burned the first tray, but after that managed to produce three good trays. Man må regne med litt svinn!

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Linn said...

Jeg er svært bitter, ja for å ikke å si skuffet, for at våre harde innsatser med underskrifter og danser ikke har hjulpet i kampen for å få snø!!
Jeg hadde i allefall håpet at det skulle være litt snø i Aurdal til jul - men det ser ikke så lovende ut der heller dessverre :(